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Kylie Skin Care- Why you should avoid it!

The New Kylie Skin kit has been trending like crazy and I have been asked by many clients " is it okay to buy this kit?" The answer simply put is no. I will not discuss every issue this line has but just hit a few key points on specific products. There are many reasons why Estheticians are not a fan of Kylies line so lets state the good. Kylie claims the line is vegan, SLS and Gluten free which is great, as long as the ingredients it does include are also beneficial.

Now that we've mentioned the good,

lets start off with this, not all skin is the same, what works for one person may not work for another. You cannot create a skincare line with only one cleanser, moisturizer, etc and expect it to work for everyone. Its just not realistic. For example foaming cleanser can be very drying and are better suited for oily skin, dry skin types should avoid these cleanser and use a cream cleanser instead. Also note that this cleanser will not remove your makeup, you will also need to precleanse to break down your makeup and oil build up before using a cleanser. Along with that I personally hate face wipes in general, they are very dehydrating and stripping to the skin. These should not be included in any type of skincare ever in my opinion.

The scariest item in this kit is the Walnut Scrub... please avoid this at all costs. Walnut cannot be ground finely enough for them to be safe on our facial skin. Just like the ST. Ives Apricot scrub this will create microscopic tears in the skin and lead to premature aging, unnecessary wrinkles and overall complexion issues as you age. A safer method of exfoliation would be to use a rotary/ skin brush a few times a week or a product with jojoba beads which gently exfoliate the skin without causing damage.

If you're needing a skincare regimen and products that won't break the bank, please reach out to me and we can schedule you a consult with a mini facial. During this time we will discuss your skins needs and your desired skin goals. I will analyze your skin. I will create a skincare regimen customized for you and recommend products that not only are good for your and your skin but that won't hurt your wallet.

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