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All About Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation

Ultrasonic Cavitation is a scientific term that describes the phenomenon that occurs during treatment with ultrasound. Ultrasound treatments for fat reduction are administered by a paramedical Esthetician or RN.

In contrast to laser lipo, which is hands-free, ultrasound treatments are actively administered by your trained Esthetician or RN. This gives them more control the target area and the chosen contours to correct any asymmetries, and to feather the edges of the treatment area to give a more natural result. While you can still choose to relax, unwind, close your eyes and maybe have a bit of a nap, your provider will be with you for the whole treatment so you may wish to talk instead.

Cavitation refers to the scientific phenomenon that occurs in the fat cells. The ultrasound handpiece emits a specific frequency of vibration (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) into the fat layer, that causes immense pressure to build up inside the fat cells. Because our fat cells are designed to expand and contract very slowly as we put on weight or lose weight, they cannot withstand the intense pressure and break apart, releasing the contents.

In this instance, the individual fat cells are destroyed, and can no longer contain fat. Because our fat cells do not multiply, and our fat cell count remains relatively stable, this means that the treatment is permanent and will not need to be repeated once the desired contours are achieved.

Any weight gain or loss in the future will be observed with respect to the new contoured body shape that has been achieved with treatments. Smaller amounts of fat loss are achieved with each individual treatment, as the fat cell membrane waste can put additional strain on the kidney, liver and lymphatic system. Treatments are normally limited to 10-40 minutes per segment, with a maximum of 4 segments treated per session. For best results we recommend 6-8 treatments.

A 5-7 day gap is generally enforced to ensure adequate elimination of released fats, membrane, and toxins that may have been contained inside the fat cells.

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