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All About Laser Lipo.

Laser lipo is a non invasive treatment that is very effective in the reduction of fat and cellulite, without the need for liposuction, surgery and crash diets.

Laser Liposuction is technically the name of a modern, less invasive surgical alternative to traditional Vaser liposuction, but the term "laser lipo" is now also used as a catchy name for an alternative non-invasive treatment for fat reduction.

Laser Lipo treatments tend to be a little more expensive because Laser technology is typically more expensive to produce. The treatments themselves are known as "hands-free" - meaning that as a client, you are set up by your Esthetician or RN and left to relax with the device strapped to your body. Many clients say they are able to comfortably sleep during their session, and do not feel any pain. You can also get this treatment done while enjoying another service such as lash extensions or a facial.

How it works:

The laser generates heat and causes metabolism of fatty acids contained within the fat cells in the treatment area. The fat cells remain intact, but release large amounts of the content contained within. The fat cell membrane becomes porous and spongy during treatments, making it easy for the contents to escape. Treatments need to be spaced approximately 48 hours apart, with a minimum of 6 treatments being required to see major results- although you may see inches lost within the first 1-3 treatments. Because our fat cells remain intact and can still expand and contract with weight gain and loss, Laser Lipo is considered a semi-permanent treatment and may need to be repeated a few times each year to maintain the desired results. Large amounts of fat can be targeted within one session, so results can be seen within a number of weeks. 

Laser Lipo (LLLT) energy safely penetrates the skin, targeting fat cells in the subcutaneous layer. This penetrates the fat cell walls allowing the fat to spill out into fluid then safely taken away by the lymphatic system. This process causes the fat cells to shrink dramatically resulting in inch loss, contributing to the reduction in cellulite. Recent research has indicated that laser lipo  can release 40-60 grams of fat during a 40 minute treatment on the abdomen.

There are many advantages to laser lipo;

. Visible immediate results

. Visible reduction of cellulite

. Visible reduction of circumference

. Used in stubborn areas of fat, specified by the client

. Suitable for both men and women

. Safe, clinically proven

. No pain, no surgery and no recovery time

. The perfect "lunchtime" treatment


The pool of ideal candidates for laser lipo is a little bit smaller than for traditional lipo because the procedure isn't perfect for extensive weight loss. It might be right for you if you're:

  • Only about 25 pounds over your ideal weight

  • More concerned with "problem areas" than total-body weight loss

  • In good health with good skin elasticity

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