Hi everyone! As we reopen following the Covid19 shut down we will temporarily have some new structures in place!

What this means is we will be honoring clients already booked and allowing new bookings but we are requiring the following of ALL clients:

 -Be patient, please. Everyone has been without so appointment times will go fast. We will try to accommodate everyone as quickly as we can!
We also need to do extensive sanitation between each client so times will be a little different. Please. Be. Patient.

 -Do NOT come into the shop if you've shown Covid symptoms or have been diagnosed within the previous 4 weeks, have been around someone with symptoms or anyone who tested positive. Please be courteous of the health of everyone around you. We have a form you will be required to sign stating the above.

 -No EXTRA GUESTS. I repeat, nobody extra in the salon, no matter what! No children, friends, spouses, driver, NO ONE. If you bring a guest In the salon you will have to reschedule and you will be charged for your appointment time. Please book accordingly and come to your appointments alone.

 -Every client will be asked to wear a mask, if you have one of your own, please bring it. You will be required to wear it throughout the entire appointment.

-You MUST wash your hands when you arrive. .

-Please do not touch your mobile device during your appointment time.

 -Please wait to come into the salon until it is time for you to be seen. We understand this may mean waiting in your car until your appointment time and we apologize for this. We have to keep the amount of people in the salon to a minimum- this is mandatory by the governor!

 -Due to Covid we will also not be providing blankets in the shop for the time being so dress comfortably.


- During this time we will be strictly enforcing our cancellation policy. If you do not have a card on file when booking your appointment, please add one. If your card is removed prior to your appointment,  your appointment will be cancelled.

Please help us to continue to flatten the curve and allow us to keep our doors open. We appreciate all of your love and support!